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State Project

“Fighting for Freedom”

Museum of the American Revolution

Gabriela Aragon, State President
Brandie Klee, Senior State President

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Project – Funds raised will be used to support two needs of the Museum of the American Revolution

  1. PA C.A.R. will sponsor the filming of “Deborah” for the Finding Freedom virtual exhibit at the museum.   Finding Freedom is an interactive program within the Museum that helps visitors understand the lives and decisions of five real people of African descent living in 1781 in Virginia as the British and American armies battle across the state and country.  Their stories are told through research-based first-person narratives.   A historical interpreter created a first-person theatrical piece about the life of one of the Finding Freedom individuals: Deborah.  The funds would allow the Museum to film the piece and place it online as add-on educational material for hundreds of thousands to view.
  2. PA C.A.R. will be raising the funds for student scholarships for educational programing.   Since opening, the Museum has served more than 165,000 students in their on-site program, Through Their Eyes, which explores the lives of real people who lived during the Revolutionary era.  As a result of schools going virtual, they have since welcomed over 2,000 students online.  A large portion of these students are low-income and are able to only visit the Museum with these scholarships.

Why This Project –  I want to give our younger members the chance to learn and appreciate history just as much as I do.  The Museum of the American Revolution is a museum focused on one of the major aspects of the Children of the American Revolution which is the American Revolution.  The Museum of the American Revolution is also one of my favorite museums to visit.  I’d love for us to be able to improve our promotion of the Children of the American Revolution to the general public, especially to other children and the scholarships will create greater opportunity for this.  I support increased education regarding the diversity of people who lived during the American Revolution and this project promotes greater awareness of the roles of women and people of color.