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State Project-Making Tracks Through History

“Making Tracks Through History”

Stuart Tank Museum and Association in Berwick, PA

Ethan Klee, State President
Elizabeth Ciarrocchi, Senior State President

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ProjectThe funds raised will be used to support the restoration of the Stuart Tank which was obtained from a European collector. Currently, the tank is going through a cleaning and rebuild of the tank for the restoration process.

Why This Project

  • History is the reason we are members of this organization, and I want to make sure we continue to support the preservation of this history.  The Stuart Tank Memorial Association & Museum is working hard to preserve Pennsylvania’s history during World War II.  The Stuart Tank is the only tank that was manufactured in Pennsylvania during the war and the American Car & Foundry actively sort out the contract to build these tanks to ensure the people of Berwick, PA would have jobs and income during the war.  We are not just helping to preserve American History but also Pennsylvania’s history and what life was like during this period in history.